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I am a curious, enthusiastic, and quick learner, which makes me a versatile and multidisciplinary professional. Since graduating as a graphic designer in 2021, I have gained experience in various related and co-related fields. My direct experiences include art direction, creative direction, and illustration. Indirectly, I have also worked in social media, digital marketing, SEO, UX writing, and copywriting. This diverse skill set provides me with a comprehensive view of the creative process and a deep understanding of the work involved.

Illustration has always been a constant in my professional journey, whether in full-time roles or freelance projects. Currently, I am a 2D Artist and UX/UI Designer for games, a field that beautifully merges design and illustration, and one I am deeply passionate about. I am eager to further develop my skills and explore new opportunities in this exciting industry.



Centro Universitário Belas Artes - Sao Paulo

2019 – 2021

Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design

Soft skills

Group work


Problem solving






2016 – 2018

Bachelor's degree in Visual Communication


Design & Skills

Branding + Identity
Creative Direction
Art direction
Concept Development
Design Thinking
Creative Strategy

Digital marketing


Technicall Skills


Adobe XD
After Effects




Print Love

Feb 2018 – Mar 2019

Graphic Designer Intern

  • Plan and develop content for social media platforms and blog posts

  • Create visually engaging artwork for social media channels

  • Write and edit content for blog posts

  • Design and layout photobooks

  • Conduct product photography sessions

  • Perform image treatment and editing

First Phoenix Studio

May 2022 – present

2D Artist & UX/UI Designer

  • Create in-game artwork to enhance game environments and style

  • Design and develop in-game assets

  • Produce artwork for storytelling and storyboards

  • Develop and refine game interface designs

  • Design and develop landing pages

Casa Locomotiva

May 2021 - Jan 2022

Graphic Designer

  • Plan and develop content strategies for social media and blog platforms

  • Write and edit content for blog posts and UX writing for the company website

  • Analyze and implement SEO strategies to optimize the company website

  • Design layouts for social media content

  • Develop scripts for video campaigns (Google Ads and social networks)

  • Oversee cinematography and art direction for video vignettes


Jan 2015 - present

Illustrator & Graphic Designer

  • Artbook Pistillia: Illustrated a 98-page book, exhibited at CCXP 2018

  • Illustrated Covers: Created illustrated covers for national high school textbooks (2019)

  • Graffiti Collaboration: Worked with over 10 artists for Fábrica de Graffiti, currently the largest painted wall in Brazil in terms of square meters (2021)

  • Sculpture Painting: Painted a sculpture for the Art Of Love exhibition (2021)

  • Casa NFT: Painted a piece for the Casa NFT exhibition (2022)

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